Sunday, 22 April 2018

#DefinitelyPTE from Pearson

Hey all you people looking to study abroad! 
You’ve arrived at the right place. I’m going to tell you about #DefinitelyPTE from Pearson.  
Since you’re looking to study abroad, you must be aware of the various challenges and difficulties in the process of getting admission in a reputed university abroad. The process of studying abroad isn’t a cakewalk but you can make it easier with #DefinitelyPTE .

A few challenges that students face while enrolling for studying abroad are - 
1. Obtaining a student VISA.
2. Qualifying an English test. 
3.  Arranging funds for the course and transferring fees to the university. 
4. Getting foreign exchange requires documentation.
5.  Accommodation facility in a new country, although some universities do provide hostel facility. 
6.  Adjusting to the food habits of a new country. (still quite manageable).

What if I tell you that you can make the process of getting a VISA easy with the English Language Test - 

As my sister took further studies abroad, from our experience in getting her formalities done, I strongly recommend you for #DefinitelyPTE . Take up the PTE preparation because -

1. Fast Results -
PTE Academic is the world's leading computer-based test of English for study abroad and immigration and the results are available within 5 business days. 
2. Globally accepted - The PTE Preparation course is accepted by wide network of universities globally like Harvard Business School, INSEAD and Yale.
3. Extremely flexible - You can book your test just 48 hours in advance, subject to availability. PTE has 360 days test days across 200 locations worldwide which makes it extremely flexible to opt for the exam from the place best suited to you.
4. Exam centres – There are about 200 test centres for PTE around the world, choose whichever suits you best.
5. VISA acceptance - PTE is accepted by many universities for visa purposes by the Australian and New Zealand governments, making it easier for you to get VISA.

6. Secure - PTE has security measures like palm vein scanning, randomized test forms and data forensics which make your test results trustworthy for universities.

#DefinitelyPTE Academic is the best English Test option for your further studies. Click to find out more about PTE - PTE Preparation Course

Here are a few benefits of scoring system on PTE -

1. Few universities that consider the scores of PTE are University of Sydney, Slovay Business School of Economics and Management, Alogma University. 

2. The 3 hour test can be taken in a single session itself with an option available to the test takers to take a 10 minute break.

3. The scores can be sent to several universities without adding any extra cost which makes it friendly to all the test takers without fears of applying to the universities of their choice. 

4. The range of score vary from 10-90, where points are calculated automatically without manual intervention.

Watch this PTE video that gives you an idea about the same - 

Happy studying abroad. :) 

Monday, 19 March 2018

#CuttingPaani by Livpure

Today I'm writing about a noble initiative by Livpure - #CuttingPaani.

I am so glad to share this with you all, as saving water has always been my concern and I do my best to ensure the same whenever possible. #CuttingPaani is a half glass of water when you are less thirsty, as it saves the remaining half from being wasted.

Watch this video to understand better -

Water scarcity has become an alarming issue for many major cities around the world. Cities like Capetown, Bangalore and few others are estimated to run out of drinking water in a couple of months. It's about time we realize the seriousness of this issue and act before it's too late. As it is, drinking water on Earth is just about 1% of the total water available.

Being a limited and irreplaceable resource, we must understand that we can't be careless with water or else we will have to face the consequences. I have made it a point to take only so much water as much I want to consume. Be it a restaurant, a friend's house, my office, or any other place, water wastage is the last thing on the list. We must all inculcate these values in our children, and also share it with everyone we know, to make this noble initiative a success.

Our little step towards saving water can together bring a big difference to our planet. So let's make it a point to order #CuttingPaani whenever we are not very thirsty. Inspite of this if we have water left in our glass, we can use it to water a plant instead of throwing it away.

"The Earth is not our asset which we have received from our ancestors, but a liability which we owe to the next generation." The sooner we realize this, the better.

Let us all pledge by 'Jitni zaroorat, utna hi" motto to save water.

Having said all this, I would urge all my readers to sign the petition for the same to bring about a positive change - #CuttingPaani. Also, dont forget to share this with your friends, so that together we can make a better future.

Thanks for reading.
Happy saving! :)