Monday, 23 October 2017

#CelebratingSuper with Vodafone

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The soaring pollution levels in Delhi is not unknown to anyone. Indeed it is a matter of great concern as many are suffering from breathing problems due to the high pollution in the area. Smoke, smog and what not, delhi is breaking all records of pollution, which ofcourse is not an appreciable thing. It is a common sight in delhi to see people using face masks, dupattas to escape from the pollution. It is about time we do something towards this huge problem.

The pollution reached levels where the government had to intervene and ban the sale of crackers in Delhi.

The positive side was to see few initiatives being run for this cause and the one that stole my heart was by Vodafone, one of the biggest networks in the country and I am proud to say that I am a Vodafone customer too.

Vodafone has been running great initiatives that are always welcomed with open arms.

Vodafone has always amazed with its revolutionary initiatives like free wifi hotspots in Delhi & NCR with over 120 free wi-fi spots, Air purifying and digital wifi bus shelters, and other praiseworthy initiatives. No wonder, Vodafone is the choice of 1.2 crore customers in Delhi, and counting.

With a lot of efforts being put in to restore the city's environment and increase development, this initiative to be Super is the need of the hour. If we do not control pollution right now, the current and future generations are going to be impacted with lung diseases and other breathing disorders.

At first, I was shocked to see that vodafone is selling crackers in Delhi, but within few minutes I looked for more information and came to know that these were not crackers, but it was time to be #CelebratingSuper with the saplings inside the "Vodafone super crackers" packet. I was really delighted at this thoughtful initiative of moving attention of the people towards the environment with this out of the box idea.

These super crackers were available at Vodafone outlets from 16th to 19th October in Delhi, and it became a big success. Many customers took part and planted saplings which is commendable. In the time to come, these saplings will surely help bring down the level of pollution.

Check out more about Vodafone network at Vodafone Delhi for tarrif details and other details.

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