Monday, 16 October 2017

A sweet goodbye #CleanUpCashOut

Hi guys,

Today I am going to share with you how I turned my old devices (a couple of mobile phones and a laptop) into cash.

It was the May of 2009 when I got my first mobile. It was a Symbian phone, which I used for over 2 years. I did not sell it away even when I switched to a smartphone because I have this emotional attachment to my first things and I don't like to part away with the things I love. (I still have my first computer, first watch and few other first things with me, yeah). :P

But like all good things need to get a sweet goodbye, so did mine. I had got the DSLR craze recently, and so I made up my mind to buy one for myself and explore the world with my lense. Since I needed some money to get a DSLR camera, I decided to sell a few of my gadgets including the Symbian phone and my first laptop. Ofcourse, being the over emotional person I am, it was a tough decision to make but hey, the DSLR craze overtook my emotional attachment. I proceeded with my decision with a heavy heart, (no I am not exaggerating) by listing the items on a website. My phone and laptop were both still in mint condition and so I did not face much difficulty to get buyers for both of them. The excitement to own a DSLR was overjoying.
I got a call from someone asking about the phone, we decided a place to meet and then I sold the phone to the lady, who probably did not have enough money to buy a new phone, for a very nominal price because I know the joy of having things and the joy on her face was clearly visible.

Coming to my laptop, I got many enquiries from buyers but since I wanted to get a good price for my laptop, I waited for the right buyer. Finally, a college student who was from my own city visited my home and checked out the laptop and was very happy to find that it was in good condition and in his budget too. We closed the deal at my desired price.

After selling these two items, my sister gave me the suggestion to sell away tall the old smartphones we have. I gathered all the old phones from my house, they were 5-6 of them and listed them on the website, as they were in good condition. I found buyers luckily for all of them and converted my mobiles into cash.

Oh, did I tell you, I got my first DSLR after selling my gadgets? I got it from a person who had upgraded to a better model and hence no longer needed the camera. I got it for a great deal too and it a good condition as well.

Now I am thinking of letting go off my first desktop computer as well to #CleanUpCashOut this Diwali. I have listed it on Cashify and waiting for a suitable offer for the same.
Here is how cashify works -  Post your gadget with specifications, get the best quote for your device instantly, avail a hassle free Doorstep Pickup and you're done. 

I will suggest all my readers as well to sell away the items you don't need and clean up as you cash out. 

Do checkout this video to know about the market price of your product and sell away! 

Still not convinced? Well, on cashify, use coupon code 'CLEANCASH' and get an additional 250 Rs. on the sale of your gadgets. Isn't that amazing? Then sell away and cash out. 

Thanks for reading,
Happy selling. :)

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