Thursday, 14 September 2017

Stay healthy tips

Hi guys,

We are all busy in our daily lives with our schedule and career, jobs, etc. But, I am sure we all do realize the importance of being healthy and go through the guilt of not making enough time and efforts for our health.

Today I will share my ideas of being healthy by squeezing in a few habits into my daily schedule itself to stay fit.

Everyone wants to be healthy and yet we struggle with it a lot. To be healthy, you worry about the extra time which you will have to take out in your life or the morning sleep you will have to sacrifice for that yoga class. Being healthy might also mean that you will have to sacrifice your food and switch to a diet you don’t like. You almost feel judged whether you are doing enough. And then with these thoughts in your mind, health becomes this difficult pursuit resulting in a constant struggle to make it a part of everyday life. 

Now, there are two aspects to being healthy - one is to eat good and the other is to exercise. We annot overlook either of them. I plan to inculcate these two habits in my daily routine.

Here are a few easy ways which you can follow to stay healthy like me -

1. Take the stairs instead of the life whenever possible.
2. Go walking to short distances instead of taking your vehicle.
3. Include sprouts in your diet which provide you the nutrients for the day.
4. Use good cooking oil for preparing your meals like Saffola oil.
5. Do some manual work at home instead of going to the gym - It will save your time as well as money while making you healthy. ;)
6. Make sure to drink lots of water as water eliminates the possibility of many diseases. Drink water while sitting, if you stand and drink water, it affects your knees in the long run. 

Simply follow these steps and make up for the carelessness you have being doing towards your health. Stay fit.

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda

 I have shared tips on how I stay #ApneTareekeSeHealthy, share yours in the comments below.

Do watch this video - 

Ofcourse, you have to sacrifice a little on the junk food and other unhealthy practices, which will do a huge part in keeping you fit. So avoid junk food. 

Thanks for reading! Stay fit. :)

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