Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Top 10 New Dubai Tourist Attractions

The glitz and charisma of Dubai is something that allures explorers and tourists from all over the world. The city is on rise and is now a destination du-jour for many where people flock to shop, take a break, have fun, make memories, find serenity, seek spiritual answers, and so much more. Fusion of so many cultures and populace from all over the world offers a comfort zone to people from every part of the world.  So, if you are also a seeker who wishes to find some solace from your regular life in the grandeur and opulence of this city, here are top 10 new Dubai tourist attractions that you need to make note of:
1.Motiongate: A recently developed tourist haven, it is one of the most talked about Dubai parks and resorts that ensures a Universal Studios like-experience and is based on some of the best motion pictures from DreamWorks and LionsGate Studios. The rides in this park are based on Shrek, ZombieLand, Underworld, Smurfs, Madagascar, and a few others. Motiongate is located in Jebel Ali over the Dubai - Abu Dhabi road. A definite paradise for kids as well as teenagers who wish to explore the new avenues of fun in Dubai.

2. Al-Thuraya Astronomy Centre: A Dh40- million observatory centre it is dated to open up in June this year at the Mushrif Park located in Midriff. The observatory will also feature a theatre, a one-metre long telescope, a gallery, and a space museum. This centre will also have a scientific academy and a lecture theatre for hosting school and college students. It is a must-visit for every tourist and visitor. 

3. Dubai Frame: Though the launch date for this one is yet to be confirmed but this DH160-million project is something that everyone seems to be waiting for eagerly. The project is almost complete and will consist of two 150-metre high towers that will be connected with each other via a 100 square metre bridge. What makes is so special is that it will allow the visitors to enjoy panoramic views of new as well as old Dubai. It is located in Zabeel Park.

4. Dubai Opera House: A multi-format theatre with a capacity to house 2000 people at once. It can be visited in the Downtown Dubai. Opened almost a year back, this one lies in the heart of Opera District and hosts number of ballets, orchestra, sports events, films, art exhibitions, concerts, and so much more. So, in case you could visit Sydney for this vacation, you can always experience a small part of it here.

5. LEGOLAND Dubai: An awesome treat for all Lego lovers. And apart from all the fun it is the only place in the world that features a LEGOLAND water park. The water park features more than 15 water slides, a Duplo themed kid’s area, a build-in-raft-river, a Lego wave pool and so much more. You can also create your own customized Lego river raft for riding at the build-a-raft. In the other parts of the park you can enjoy about forty Lego themed rides, several shows, about 15000 Lego models, and more than 60 million Lego bricks. All these have been divided into Lego city, factory, kingdoms, imagination, and much more.  

6. Bollywood Park Dubai: One of the latest additions to the must-go list of every Dubai tourist, this one was launched with the opening of Motiongate and LEGOLAND. Here, you can take a tour through the major blockbuster attractions like the Ramgarh from Sholay or the sets of Mughal-e-Azam, and so much more. You can also enjoy here a series of flamboyant typical Bollywood style shows, several shopping outlets, food, and get drowned in the completely unique and mesmerizing world of Bollywood.

7. Dubai Canal: When it was under construction, it was being called as one of the most ambitious projects in Dubai and it was because of its hefty prices. It is open for public now and features more than 450 restaurants, walkways, luxury housing, as well as cycling paths. It is spread across an area of 3 kilometres and goes from the Persian Gulf to Business Bay.

8. Burj Al Arab Expansion: The only 7-star hotel in the world, it recently proved its worthiness for the top position when it comes to luxury by opening a private man-made beach resort. The new footprint of Burj Al Arab stretches across an area of 100 metres in the Arabian Gulf and covers an area of more than 10000 square metres. Here the guests can have access to 400 sun loungers, 32 beach cabanas, a bar, a 621-metre freshwater swimming pool and an 828 meter salt water swimming pool.

 9. Green Planet Bio Dome: Dubai is one of the first cities of Middle East that has its own ‘bio-dome’ called the Green planet. It is an enclosed tropical ecosystem that will have all conditions of a rainforest with more than 3, 000 flora and fauna along with an indoor artificial life sustaining tree. This is a perfect place to relax when scorching heat of Dubai tests your patience.

10. Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk: A completely new waterfront destination that was recently added to Palm Jumeirah. It extends across a distance of `11 kilometres and is mainly for dining, walking and shopping.


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