Sunday, 19 March 2017

#ColgateMagicalStories - Space Story!

Hey everyone,

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So, this space adventure story is weaved by my neice - Yashi. 
Welcome onboard Space!

This journey is about Yashi and her best friend, Madhav, entering space and fighting the aliens.

Not so long ago, Yashi and Madhav who were playing around happily in their colony, when they spotted a UFO. This was the first time they had seen something so unusual and intriguing at the same time.

They were fascinated by the Unidentified Flying Object and wanted to take a tour to space! But was it that easy in space? Well, let's find out.

The Space centre was far away from their house but they climbed onto a taxi and told the driver to take them to the Space centre as their father worked there. As soon as they reached the Space Centre, they managed to ditch the security and entered inside. They saw few rockets being built, many machines and instruments beeping away. They saw a huge rocket and happened to enter it, this rocket was about to be launched. No one at the space centre knew that these kids were inside and hence they let the rocket launch. 

While the rocket was travelling in space they saw many planets including Saturn with it's shining rings. On their way to space, they saw many other objects rotating in space and wanted to check them out. They pressed a few buttons inside the rocket and the rocket stopped where it was.  
Madhav found a space train vehicle inside the rocket and jumped into it and started driving. Soon the space vehicle left the rocket and Voila! Madhav was driving in space. He was enjoying every bit of it. Yashi was left behind and tried to find nother vehicle for herself. 

Yashi found another vehicle but this one had no cover to it. It was like an open vehicle on which anyone like the aliens could enter. 

Madhav was enjoying the ride when Yashi spotted an alien! She couldn't believe her eyes and started shouting 'Madhav, careful, there is an alien.'
But Madhav couldn't hear anything inside the space train vehicle and the alien reached near Yashi. As her vehicle was open, the alien could get inside and be a danger to her. She swiftly moved out of the vehicle and started flying in space. The alien kept following her as she was also an 'alien' for the alien. :P

Yashi was extremely scared with this and screamed her lungs out. She then found a rifle in the rocket and somehow gathered courage to shoot the alien. 

Madhav, while driving his vehilce, saw Yashi fight the naughty and scary alien and tried to help her with his own special gun. After several bullets fired from the rifle and Madhav's special gun, the alien finally fell down, unconcious. Madhav pulled Yashi by her hand and took her away from the alien. They went back into the rocket and pressed a few buttons and the rocket started moving at a fast pace.

Finally the rocket reached its destination and Madhav and Yashi got down on space. This is how Yashi and Madhav conquered space. 

Thanks for reading! :)

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