Saturday, 28 January 2017

The #MagicOfWarmth

A warm hug sets all things right. 

My best friend was back from a foreign trip and I was excited to meet him after a whole week, also to see the gifts he had got for me. Soon after he landed, he asked me to meet the very same day. I was very happy, looking forward to meet him (as it had been over a week that we hadn’t met.) Somehow he got stuck in traffic while coming from airport to the coffee shop and I kept waiting at the coffee shop. I called him multiple times, but his phone ran out of battery and was switched off. My excitement started turning into anger as it was awkward to sit alone at the coffee shop, waiting. There was no way I could contact him to say that I am leaving, which is why I had to stay back waiting for him. An hour passed by and he was no where to be seen.
I was getting late to go home, but couldn’t leave without meeting him. After some more wait, he arrived. But, by then I had no interest in the gifts as I was almost fuming with anger, not even wanting to talk to him. I somehow controlled my anger and walked away after telling him that I don’t want any gifts and not to make plans when he can’t be on time. He came running behind me, apologizing for being late. I knew I wasn’t doing the right thing but when you’re angry you lose control over yourself. I zoomed out of the coffee shop and he followed me. He then held my hand and gave me a big tight hug. I forgot all my anger and apologized for my behaviour. I still remember that hug and the magic it did to my anger, my anger had gone away with the wind. We then went back to the coffee shop and had a great time. I then opened the gifts in front of him and thanked him for it. That hug still makes me feel warm and brings a smile on my face whenever I recall it and is very close to my heart.
Watch this video that also proves that a warm hug can be magical.

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Check out this heart touching video - 

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