Saturday, 28 January 2017

The #MagicOfWarmth

A warm hug sets all things right. 

My best friend was back from a foreign trip and I was excited to meet him after a whole week, also to see the gifts he had got for me. Soon after he landed, he asked me to meet the very same day. I was very happy, looking forward to meet him (as it had been over a week that we hadn’t met.) Somehow he got stuck in traffic while coming from airport to the coffee shop and I kept waiting at the coffee shop. I called him multiple times, but his phone ran out of battery and was switched off. My excitement started turning into anger as it was awkward to sit alone at the coffee shop, waiting. There was no way I could contact him to say that I am leaving, which is why I had to stay back waiting for him. An hour passed by and he was no where to be seen.
I was getting late to go home, but couldn’t leave without meeting him. After some more wait, he arrived. But, by then I had no interest in the gifts as I was almost fuming with anger, not even wanting to talk to him. I somehow controlled my anger and walked away after telling him that I don’t want any gifts and not to make plans when he can’t be on time. He came running behind me, apologizing for being late. I knew I wasn’t doing the right thing but when you’re angry you lose control over yourself. I zoomed out of the coffee shop and he followed me. He then held my hand and gave me a big tight hug. I forgot all my anger and apologized for my behaviour. I still remember that hug and the magic it did to my anger, my anger had gone away with the wind. We then went back to the coffee shop and had a great time. I then opened the gifts in front of him and thanked him for it. That hug still makes me feel warm and brings a smile on my face whenever I recall it and is very close to my heart.
Watch this video that also proves that a warm hug can be magical.

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Check out this heart touching video - 

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Serein - Wellness project from Tata Housing

Hey guys,

This post is about a housing project which is located at Pokhran Road 2 in Thane. The project by Tata Housing called "Serein", is a destination for India's first wellness homes. What makes it a desirable one is that, it is luxurious and located in a posh area, yet in the arms of nature.(Full points for this!) If you're looking to move, this is undoubtedly the ideal place for you. Upvan lake & Sanjay Gandhi National Park are located very close to Serein.(Thumbs up for the natural environment). I would rather call it the Malabar Hills of Thane for its location, greenery, uptown and posh areas, and the surroundings. I love how it is located in a greenery rich area which is a posh area as well.

Serein is a premium Township from Tata Housing priced at prices starting at Rs. 1.55 crores. Yes, that's right. Welcome luxurious living along with nature at Pokhran Road 2.
Nature has been kind to Pokhran Road 2, Thane & therefore, Serein is abundantly blessed with greenery. Another strong reason to live here, is that Serein has got the art infrastructure connectivity and has already made it to the list of smart cities. Live amidst the affluence of nature and experience greenery hill view and the chirping of birds in a peaceful environment at Serein. It also has ample amount of sunlight and natural ventilation. (Another thumbs up for the location)

Serein has safety and security. Amazing views at Serein are a gift of Upvan Lake, Yeoor hills and Sanjay Gandhi National Park, and various other gardens & parks like Talao Pali, which are located in its proximity. Wellness at Serein is truly worth staying at, away from chaos yet connected to the city with infrastructure.
Serein has all you can ask for - connectivity (roads, railways, buses), infrastructure (Tata Consultancy Services, Raymond, Cadbury, GlaxoSmithKline, Voltas, Blue Star and more), natural environment, quality Medical Services (Bethany Hospital, Jupiter Hospital and Hiranandani Hospital), education (Schools - Singhania School, Vasant Vihar School, Billabong International School and DAV Public School & colleges - Dnyanasadhana College, KG Joshi College and Parshvanath College of Engineering and Pharmacy.), Entertainment (multiplexes, shopping - Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar Natyagraha, Inox theatre, Cinemax, Big Cinemas, 35 lakes, water fronts, Dmart, Big Bazaar, Reliance mart, Hypercity and 6 malls like Viviana Mall, etc.) Do I need to say more?

Serein is surely going to be hot favourite residential destination for everybody due to its luxurious lifestyle & surroundings. Check out more about Serein here - Tata housing - serein

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Monday, 16 January 2017

A cashless society for the millennials

Hey guys!
Today I am writing about how a cashless society will look like for the millennials. To start with, as you all know demonetization has held the nation in its clutches since 8 November 2016. Being a CA final student, I've been closely following all the happenings around it.

As you all would have noticed, the government is trying really hard to build a cashless economy via their TV advertisements, newspaper publishing introducing incentives like lucky draws for people going cashless, etc. With demonetization, the nail has been pierced for this humongous step of turning our economy into a cashless one. Before coming to how a cashless society, we will look at the two sides to this –

Demonetization positive side –
a. There will be a decrease in crime rates since there will be no cash transactions and every payment will be recorded in your bank accounts or e-wallets. People will not be able to buy illegal weapons and arms to harm any person or the society.

b. black money holders will not be able to keep any black money and will have to pay taxes as all the transactions will be cashless. Going cashless will increase tax revenue for the Government  which means, that taxpayers money can be used in the right direction for building and developing the nation.

Demonetization’s negative side –
a. Going cashless might increase online frauds as everything goes virtual and our money would be vulnerable all the time if proper control is not adhered to. We need to strengthen our cashless payment gateways so that this can be avoided, but the risk will still be there.

b. People in villages, who are aged, might find it difficult to transact even for their daily needs as they will have a tough time learning to operate phones or protecting themselves from frauds who might rob them off their money.

Demonetization challenges –
Although a completely cashless society looks a little far, but we are slowly moving in that direction, especially the millennials. We need to educate the illiterate people on how to perform transactions cashlessly, for which, the government is taking many steps to educate them via awareness programs.
Another challenge will be the public acceptance of going completely cashless. Although we see a positive response from major sector of the society, many are still not in acceptance of going completely cashless.

Now, how would a cashless society will look for the millennials?
A cashless economy is certainly a very welcome step for a country to grow more and get rid of black money holders. We need to really be motivated and accepting in this regard to make it happen.
The millennials will see seamless payments with their phones. The millennials will be a generation running high on apps & virtual world. The society, no doubt will be a different one. I believe withdrawal counters will be a thing of the past. ATMs will probably cease to exist. Transactions will be at the click of a button. No more heavy wallets. The point of money credit to the point of money payment will be all through a chain of virtual transactions. Think about this - your salary getting credited in your bank account. No withdrawals. You expense everything through your bank/virtual wallet app from paying your grocery to bills to fees to luxury to every expense you can think of. This is how it will be. Fascinating, right?

The millennials is a smart and quick learning generation which is why it will be easier for them to shift to a cashless economy. Sharing bills with friends or paying debts, it will all be through the virtual world, no cash. It will change the way millennials transact, the way they share their bills with friends or any other expense/income. It will make transactions faster and all of this can be done while you are on the go. Isn't that the best part? Imagine not having to go to the bank to send money to anyone, or to deposit cash in your account, simply because we live in a cashless society. Cards, virtual wallets, e-payments via banks - this is what a cashless society will comprise of. All transactions will be recorded online, which will curb crime as well in their early years - another step towards a good economy since illegal payments will stop.

I am glad to see that India is going digital. Personally I feel that demonetization is a great thing for the economy and the cashless economy for the millennials will see a brighter future for sure.

Demonetization will certainly see a positive shift in the economy and will benefit growth of the economy.

On a lighter note, you can get rid of that chocolate that you get when the shop keeper does not have a change. ;)