Tuesday, 15 November 2016

She's my JUG #DearZindagi

Hey guys!

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.

 The jug in my life is undoubtedly my best friend - Sheetal Bhasin! 

We've known each other ever since we were in Kindergarten (Nursery school)! Yes, that's about 22 years of our lives, over 2 decades! Crazy, no? We've been the best of friends ever since! She's been my backbone, we've fought like crazy and still got back together! I can share everything with her and always find a solution to my problems and vice versa! We share everything from gossips, to memorable moments!

I still remember a very funny incident from Kindergarten where we used to ring the school bell thinking school will get over but actually it was the break bell. šŸ˜„ (We still laugh over that stupidity)

Also, we've coincidentally been in the same section each year (except for one year) in our school which helped us bond more! 

 We call each other by funny names, tease each other, and still be there to support the other one! She's always been a support whenever I was feeling gloomy and blue. 

Sheetal is my go-to friend! I can talk to her about anything that worries me and she'll help me find a solution to it. I know she'll be there even at 3 am if I need her. I've shared beautiful moments with her which i will cherish forever!

 Sheetal is definitely my JUG! She's more than a best friend and holds a special place in my heart! 

She's my kinda crazy and I absolutely love her for that. She's accepted me with my weirdness and even if I don't talk to her at times, she'll be really sweet and text me all the time to make sure I'm fine! She's gone out of her way many times to be there for me and I can't thank her enough for that. She's straight forward and doesn't hold anything in her heart. She's taught me to fight for what I want, helped me when I fell weak, and given me courage to fight back.

We meet less often now due to work but whenever we meet, we start from where we left and that's the best thing! We have a crazy time together.

Whenever I'm in trouble, I know where to go and she is the one to calm me down. I still remember the times when I used to panic a lot for every small thing and just pick up my phone and call her and she'd always helped me calm down, be it exams or anything else.

I'm really blessed and thankful to my stars to have bestowed me with her in my life and this friendship is the one to last for a lifetime! She's my JUG. :)

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