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My Letter to Life - Dear Zindagi

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“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda


 Dear Zindagi,
 What's up? Here's some catching up on life - 
Flashback -
You happened to me on 3rd February, 1991. Ever since I took my first breath, I have been loving you.

3 years into life, I met with an accident and badly injured my foot. The doctor gave me a high amount of anesthesia and I remained unconscious for 30 hours straight, but today I stand on my feet again, thanks to you as you kept me going. The scar still reminds me of how strong I have been with your support. My family was always there to support me and you also did not leave my side.

I met with many accidents, almost every couple of years but you kept your patience and helped me heal. Apart from that, my childhood was the best ever - blessed with grand parents, parents and siblings.

You always taught me to fight back, and I never gave up. I might have taken a little longer to stand up, but I did not give up. I fell down 9 times, got up 10th time.

Present -
Thank you dear Zindagi, for giving me the best of people in my life, the best memories, challenges to make me strong and what not! Today, I as write this to you, I am only feeling more grateful to be blessed with you. Thank you for giving me enough wisdom with each difficulty so I can do the best in the situation.

Thank you dear Zindagi, for giving me the best parents there ever can be. They have always guided me and helped me in times when I needed someone. But I shout my problems the loudest to you. You have always known what's going on in my mind and you are my best friend and confidant. You have given me hope.

On the love front also, you have been very kind to me and given me the best lover and I have already got the love of a lifetime. You've always been my favorite, dear life. You've not always been a fairy tale but at times been a Pandora's box of troubles too, but hey, that's how you are meant to be, no? I've got my fair share of happiness and sadness from you and I am glad about it. I completely agree that even a straight line in an ECG means you're dead and so, what is life without ups and downs!

Thank you for my good health, my academics so far, a loving family, caring friends and everything you offered me. I cherish it all.

Future - 
Please keep up with your kindness and also keep giving me more challenges so I can learn and grow with each one.

If given a chance to exchange you with someone else, I won't. Yes, I wont. If I could go back in time and get to choose how I live you, it will be the exact same way. No, not that I haven't made any mistakes, but just because those mistakes taught me the biggest lessons of life.

I truly believe that you are the most beautiful thing that happened to me and I will make you more beautiful. If you were tangible, I'd hug you the tightest today. I have no regrets from you, and I will live you to the fullest and make it large. I will love you, till death do us apart.

I promise you today that I will hold no regrets, I'll make you worth it. I will not copy paste you, but create you. Cheers to Zindagi. :)
Love you Dear Zindagi. Stay alive and I shall live you. 


With love,
Your biggest fan,

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