Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Affimity.com - connect with your passion.

Hey everyone!
Today, I’m sharing a new social media website with you all - Affimity

This website is a social media website which has dedicated channels on beauty, cure, wellness, fitness, yoga, parenting, sports, etc.
I have been using this website for a while now and I like the way of interacting with posts. The home page shows us updates based on the people we follow and our interests. We can interact with these posts by liking and commenting our views on them.
My personal favorite channels are Food, yoga and fitness.
Food –This is my first favorite since I am a big foodie. I have discovered some amazing recipes from Affimity and I’ll soon share my recipes as well. I tried out this one food post and it turned out to be delicious.

Yoga – This has inspired me to start doing yoga after coming across few good posts on exercises and yoga. Here is one yoga post that I have started doing - yoga

Fitness  -  I am now working towards my own fitness  with some good exercises I discovered on Affimity. I found this one very helpful - Fitness

On Affimity, you can choose to either just follow someone or be friends with them. Also, you can share posts that you like with your followers and friends on your other social media channels. Isn’t that amazing? You can also save the articles you like for future reference.
Here’s why I find Affimity is better than other social media –
  1. Dedicated channels – It helps you meet people from similar interest groups and you can share your ideas and have conversations with them.
  2. Passion driven – The website helps you connect better with people sharing the same passion as yours, unlike other social media websites which have all kinds of people at one place.
  3. Learning – While you interact with people, you can share your opinions, share your ideas, give advice on various things and post pictures, etc.
  4. Connect with your interest – You can easily find people of similar interests and follow them, share your content with them .
  5. Interest specific social channels – Since it is all channelized, you can easily filter people based on your interest topics.
  6. Community buzz – Community buzz is a really cool thing on Affimity which I did not find on any other social media websites.
  7. Share your content from your website – On Affimity, you can use the content from your website to Affimity and also get traffic to your own website which is a really cool thing.
  8. Asking questions – You can also ask questions by creating polls and get your followers vote for their choice.
  9. Fun facts and tips – Affimity also has fun facts and tips that pop up when you click on a channel, a nice feature which I don’t see on any other social media website.
  10. Channel leaderboards - Affimity has a leaderboard of every channel on it's website which makes it easier to follow the experts and leaders in your field of passion like shown below -

You can also follow me or add me as your friend on this social media platform here - Me on affimity

Fun fact - I like how the name “Affimity” came along - Affimity is the coming together of Passion (Affinity) and Friendship (Amity).
Do visit their website and happy connecting with people with like interests!

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