Friday, 30 September 2016


Hey guys!

I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.

You walk for me daily for thirty minutes and I will work for you for years - said the heart.

The heart works 24*7, 365 days a year - since the time we are born till we die. We must realize that even the heart needs care. As we know that the heart is the most delicate in a human body, we also need to understand the importance of it & how to keep it healthy and strong! As World heart day is round the corner, we must become aware of the best things for our heart.

We give enough pressure to our heart with stress, smoking, junk food and such other activities.

Here are a few tips on how to take good care of your heart -

1. Stay active - Staying active is very important. We must not be lazy and the least you can do is take out half an hour everyday for a morning or evening walk as it will help to keep you active, burn fat and make you healthy.

2. Eat better - Take care of what you eat - not too oily, not too heavy. Keep your breakfast heavy and stay active throughout the day. Keep your lunch moderate and dinner very light. Also, have your dinner atleast 2 to 3 hours before you go to bed as when you sleep, the food does not digest well.

3. Be happy - If you are under stress, you will fall prey to Blood pressure problems and other issues which can adversely affect your heart. So always smile as it releases good hormones in the body and help you stay fit and healthy. Remember, Happy you = Happy heart.

4. Drink Water - Drink ample amount of water as it keeps you hydrated and even reduces your stress level. So have atleast 10-12 glasses of water throughout the day even if you are not thirsty.

5. Eat things that are good for heart - Eat Walnut as it is considered very good for the heart. Do not eat high amount of salt with your food as it gives high blood pressure. Stay away from high calorie food as it will give you a big weight gain which is not healthy for the heart. Include right amount of nutrients and vitamins in your diet.

 6. Lastly, use good oil like Saffola  in cooking your food.

So, on this World Heart Day, let us pledge to take care of our heart and our heart will take care of us in return! :)

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I believe that simple lifestyle changes, specifically staying active, eating better, and being happy, are actually #ChhoteKadam to healthy heart.

Keep your heart healthy and lead a better life. :)

Thanks for reading!