Monday, 11 July 2016

Horlicks Growth Plus

Hey everyone!

Today I'm writing about why it is important for children to catch up on lost growth.

I am a firm believer of the saying 'If wealth is lost, something is lost but if health is lost everything is lost'. It is important for everyone, especially children to lead a healthy and normal balanced life - both physically and psychologically. children fall behind on growth by not attaining the right height & weight as per the age, which may cause anxiety among parents and also reduce the confidence of children.

In my opinion, it is extremely important for children to catch up on their lost growth as the overall growth of children shapes their lives and also their health. It is important for every child to meet their growth milestones. Especially in today's world where the competition is huge, i feel, parents should make all efforts to give proper growth to their child so they can face the competitive world with it.

Every child needs the right amount of nutrients in proper proportion to be able to  cope up with their studies and also the extra curricular and physical activities. Be it sports or mental exertion like studies, every child needs to have proper growth so they can cope up with all the challenges life throws at them. Be it growth or development, every child must be taken care of, and Horlicks Growth+ does just that.

When children don't eat properly, they weigh less and even growth does not take place well without proper nutrients, which is why children weigh less and have lesser height and then feel a little low on confidence. A good height is always an added advantage whereas good health helps in fighting various diseases. When children are lean and not healthy enough, they tend to fall ill faster and also get weak soon whenever they fall weak. So, i feel that growth and development is very important for overall well being. Few parents take these growth and development issues lightly but this affects the child in the long run as well. On the other hand few parents are always worried about their child's growth and development but have no idea what to do to take care of the same. The simplest solution is - Horlicks Growth+.

Horlicks Growth+ is a specialized nutrition product designed by international pediatric experts for children in age group of 3-9 years who are lagging behind in height and weight. It contains high quality whey protein with added nutrients that are known to enable children to catch up on lost growth.

If you are also one of those parents who are worried about their child's overall growth, you must visit - Horlicks Growth Plus where you will know how your child can catch up on lost growth. Horlicks Growth+ has clinically proven visible growth in 6 months. So give it a try and your child is good to go!

Wondering how to make your child eat Horlicks Growth+ ? Don't worry, as it comes in two delicious flavours and your child is going to love both of them. :)

Thanks for reading! :)