Monday, 6 June 2016

Beware of Fraud

Hey guys, is a consumer review website where consumers write reviews on a wide category of products listed on the website. Mouthshut is running a fraud contest called 'Write. Share and Win.' whereby they are offering consumers upto Rs. 40 for negative and Rs. 30 for positive review per product. I even shared my concern of fake reviews for more points with them but they said that keeping equal amount lead to spamming in the previous month. However, their agenda is probably to make consumers write negative reviews and thereby force brands to join their website by paying money to save their image.

They claim that user gets this money in their bank account which was true till January. After January, they have cheated their members. They haven't transferred a single penny to member's accounts and sadly they are still advertising their fake contest which is only making them earn but users are getting cheated. They have robbed users of thousands of rupees in the past 3-4 months which is a sad thing. Their twitter support and email support do not respond to mails regarding the payment. Also, they are deleting all negative reviews about mouthshut from their own website so as to attract more users to fall in the trap of a fake contest. They delete true negative reviews of brands which have partnered with them.

How do you trust a website with their user reviews that can be easily manipulated because any user would want to earn more by posting a fake negative review. So, I'm posting here to warn everyone about using this website. You can't even trust the genuineness of their reviews.
Don't fall prey to them.

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