Sunday, 22 November 2015

Richa - #madeofgreat


Today I'm writing about someone who I think is truly 'Made of great'.

For me, a person is #MadeOfGreat if they have the courage to survive, to smile and carry on inspite of being totally broken. I did not have to think much about who in my life is made of great, because this person is very close to my heart. She's a friend cum elder sister named Richa (Name changed for privacy).

Richa is my dad's friend's daughter. She is a part of my life since the day I was born. Our houses were at walking distance due to which I spent most of my time at her place.

They say 'A great person never had an easy past' and that is what makes Richa great. Life has been throwing really tough situations at her. She was in the 5th standard when her father, the sole earning member, suddenly passed away after an illness. But Richa, with her mother started taking tuitions of students from Class 1 to 4. She did not act helpless, but contributed a lot to the monthly income of her family of four members - Her mother, younger brother and younger sister. Time passed by, and she got married to a man who turned out to be a very violent and so she left him and came back to her mother's house and continued with her tuition classes. When everyone who knew her thought the bad time had passed, life threw another tough situation - Her mother was detected with cancer. She still did not lose hope and earned enough to get her mother treated, but this was not in her hands, cancer took over her mother who passed away in a year. She now had only her two siblings with her. Life still wasn't tired of testing Richa. She had already filed a divorce case and now had cleared her banking exams and was working in a bank. Now came another shocker - Her brother got married and took away all their ancestral property. She, along with her younger sister had their bags packed and moved to a hotel. Since she was not at a very high post, her bank did not offer a residential place. She used to work all day and then go in search of a new rental house. Her self respect, did not let our family know about all this and she did not ask for any help to anyone (for which i feel really bad as my dad could have surely helped her).

Her life's challenges seem to be like a film but it is a reality (and by facing these challenges she has proved herself as not less than a heroine.) :) But the happy part is, she is happy now (although few problems are still there but she still manages to smile). She has got promoted and is a bank manager now. She got her sister married.

Her life has had a huge impact on my life as she taught me to smile even when life is throwing lemons. When I was not sure about where my career was going, or when I faced betrayal from someone I least expected, it was her life that inspired me to live and to smile. She has absolutely lived upto the saying - When life shows you a hundred reasons to cry, show life a thousand reasons to smile.

Her ability to survive even when situations kept going worse and standing tall and handling them instead of running away, makes her - MADE OF GREAT.

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