Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Real Togetherness

Hey readers!
Hope you all are doing fine.
Today I'm blogging about what I think is #RealTogetherness.

Have you ever thought of real togetherness? In this modern era, we're all slaves of technology, caught in the shackles of social media, gadgets, pc games, and all sorts of technology. There's no doubt technology has made life easy but where is the essence of life? Earlier on special ocassions like birthdays, anniversaries we would visit our loved ones but now is it minimized to calls or sometimes just a wish on social media. We all live in illusion of being happy but unless we experience real togetherness we won't know what happiness is.
We're all running a rat race behind luxuries. We're so busy in our lives that leave alone neighbours, we rarely talk to people we live with in our homes - parents, grandparents and siblings too. This is indeed not real togetherness.

To me, real togetherness is being together in person, in the real world. Check out this video by Kissan

Real togetherness could be a visit to kissanpur. Doesn't that sound amazing?
Earlier we'd go to picnics to places with natural beauty around. But now we have replaced them with amusements parks. I believe that nothing matches nature when it comes to real togetherness. Even you'd agree there is no match for the smell of sand in rain, isn't it? Then why not spend some time with nature along with our loved ones. Real togetherness is being together not virtually, but physically. Real togetherness will give you real happiness but for that you need to free yourself from the virtual world, go out and enjoy with nature. Plant some trees, enjoy and spend time in the lap of mother nature.
For a change, leave that phone and laptop aside and breathe. Experience the joy of living and being happy with people around you instead of gadgets. All your stress would vanish when you come closer to your loved ones, talk to them in reality not on an online chat group. You will then know what togetherness I am talking about. Leave your robotic life and atleast once a week, get close to nature with real togetherness and real emotions instead of emoticons. It will make you feel lively and fresh. Be it the cool breeze of trees or rains, it is sure to give you happiness when you enjoy it with your family and friends.
Go and discover the joy of #RealTogetherness. Break the shackles that stop you from 'living', my friends and reach out to your loved ones along with nature as being with nature can give you true joy. Build some beautiful strong relations with your family in the real world. Connect in person with your family rather than texting them while you live in the same house.
Enjoy the real togetherness of life.
Thanks for reading!
Keep spreading the real togetherness! :)