Monday, 31 August 2015

The crazy 4! :)

Last night i was lying down on my bed when the good old days flashed in my mind.
Do you remember those days??
The days when....
Friendship meant Talveen + Ravleen + Sheetal + Jaishree?  Of course, it still means but...Anyways, i was recalling the days when.....
When we used to fight to sit with each other in class & end up getting angry & sitting in 4 different benches? & then one of us would quietly come up & pick the other one's bag & drag her to sit together? :D
When Talveen would be jealous every time i said "rav, meri pyaari behna" or when ravleen would get jealous when i used to tell her that i called Talveen/Sheetal & we talked fr hours over the phone & then Ravleen would say "mujhe to kabhi phone lagana hi mat".
When Sheetal & Ravleen would say "Jaish b'day ki treat kab de rahi hai"?
When Ravleen would hit Talveen in that peculiar way jst to see me laugh?
When in the free tym, Sheetal would say "chalo na, dhap dhap khelte hai & then snatch my books frm me & close them? (btw, Dhap Dhap is our deteriorated version of antakshari :P)
When all of us would not go to school just coz one of us decided that she will not go :)
When Sheetal would say, "mere b'day me kya gift de rahi hai?"
When i refused to take b'day gifts & Talveen would quietly hide it in my bag.. :) (I still hav that b'ful clock with me :) )
When Talveen would make me eat somethng sour just to see me make funny faces & laugh at it?
When Ravleen would say "Meri photo acchi nahi aayi" on every pic that was clicked..
When Talveen & Ravleen would comb their hair after school got over in front of the notice board while Sheetal & I kept saying "bas yaar, acchi lag rahi hai, ab chal"?
When Talveen & I, while sitting in the last bench, used to catch hold of each other's hand just so the other would not be able to write the notes being dictated in class, or give a slight push just so our hand-writing would be spoilt?
When Talveen, Ravleen & I used to snatch each other's pen & give our new pen to each other & when I wanted to write with my own pen just coz i was angry with Talveen, she would take away my pencil box? :)
When Ravleen used to get angry coz of something & just disappear & Talveen would say - "folow me, i know where she is!!"
When I would not eat from Sheetal/Ravleen/Talveen's tiffin & they all used to say "Jaish, humlog ke khaane me poison nahi hai!" & then one of them would place a bite of chapati in my mouth :)
When one of us would give an answer in class & then the other three would say  "Bahut padh liya hai apan ne, hai na?"
When Talveen used to add new words to our vocabulary like "jhallz, lalaankad (i don't know wat it means, but i guess it means dumb), fanna (which means funny) & so on.. :)
When Ravleen used to specially make noodles for me & bring it to school?
When Talveen & I used to carry each other's bag just to tease Ravleen? :D
When three of us were together in the assembly (yet couldn't stand together coz we had to stand in two's) & Talveen used to stand in between both of us just so she doesn't leave one of us alone? :)
Ouch, I sooooooo miss those times!

P.S : I saw Talveen in my dream yesterday morning & we both were in class & yes, notes were being dictated in class! ;)
I miss those days but more than that, i miss you all! :)

Do you remember those days?? I do. :)

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  1. You speak the truth, as usual Ryan! How liberating is it to delete 3000 posts and start again! That would be so fun

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