Thursday, 20 August 2015

Airtel 4G - The Fastest Network Ever #GetAirtel4G

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What's up? Downloading songs, movies, shows online? Takes so much time, no? Waiting all day long, or keeping your computers/laptops on all night long so that the download could complete, wasting a day to download a 3-hour movie - I've suffered it all. And now in the mobile era, I hate downloading apps as it takes so much time. I'm sure you hate it too. But we obviously can't move ahead without downloading/streaming our favorite songs, movies, and what not! ;)

 Also, when we miss our favorite TV shows. Oh, the pain of streaming videos on the internet and watching them at a lower resolution. Let streaming and buffering take a backseat with an Airtel 4G plan that too at the price of 3G!

When you have to make a video call back home and the video doesn't show up properly. How irritating! And not to forget, when you watch live cricket matches online and the slow speed builds up so much suspense. You sure don't want that. All this actually made our life slow. 

Always dreamt of faster internet, didn't you? Me too! Well, here's a good news! Download apps, movies, and everything in a jiffy with AIRTEL 4G. Now speed up in your life with the speed of 4G internet.
Mails, chat, booking a cab, downloading mail attachments, multitasking on your mobile is a breeze on Airtel 4G!
Fastest Network Ever! - Airtel

Here is the best way to speed up your downloads like never before! Check out : Airtel 4G Airtel 4G happens to be the fastest network EVER! And the best thing about it? It costs the price of your 3G pack! 3G ke price mein 4G is obviously a deal you don't want to miss! So upgrade your 3G pack to a 4G pack right away and stop putting up with that slow internet!
Don't believe me when I say that it offers the fastest speed? Check out this video for yourself and get amazed!

Shocked? Even I was, when I saw it the first time. But hey, the best network offers you the best always! :)
In order to use 4G internet service, a user needs to have a 4G enabled mobile device and a 4G SIM.
So go, get your 4G sim delivered to your doorstep free of cost! Ask how? Your 4G SIM is just a tweet away - Tweet with #GetAirtel4G @AirtelIndia and Airtel will fulfill your desire by sending it to you at your doorstep with just filling your details in a form. As simple as that. No paper work, no applications, no travelling to Airtel office and NO COSTS.

Airtel has got the 4G speed roll out nationwide across 296 cities! Isn't that amazing? And not to forget, Airtel 4G is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services.
Take the Airtel speed challenge and you will surely bid goodbye to hours of downloading and hours of streaming videos. Get freedom from the slow internet and move to 4G!!

Do all you want from downloading to surfing to online buffering to video calling with the super fast speed of Airtel 4G. Don;t forget to share it with your friends.

Thank me later ;)
Happy downloading & browsing!! :)

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