Tuesday, 7 July 2015

#YuviSurfsUC - UC Broswer!

Hey all!

We all have a very fast life. Day changes to night and night to day within no time. But what happens when your browser is slow? When you can't browse at a good speed? When everyone is moving fast and you are stuck just because of a slow browser? I'm sure most of us have faced this problem. But, now we have a browser to the rescue - UC BROWSER.

Many a times you are out of your house and want to watch cricket on your phone over the internet and then you get stuck with it all because your browser is SLOW. Wasting time and missing the game specially in a cricket crazy nation like India - who likes that? No one. And why fall victim to slow browsing, when you have a high speed net connection? But a slow browser ruins your whole experience of browsing and makes you irritated. With UC browser, you can surf it all and surf it real fast. Earlier even I was a victim to slow browsing and hated to surf the internet because I knew my browser would take a lot of time. But,

Ever since I have installed the UC BROWSER,
I am a happy surfer! :)
It makes your experience of watching cricket and surfing a happy one. The transitions are seamless and the browser features a clean and complete User Interface and the homepage gives easy access to web services. Be it Facebook or cricket scores, it is just a touch away for me. It is really fast and it builds up your whole experience to surf the internet.

Remember the times, when we are in office or tuition and there's an important cricket match for us which we can't miss, we follow the scores on mobile but what if the browser keeps on loading and loading until your colleague/friend tells you we won or when every time you need to ask your colleague for the score? Why just hear of the victory rather than witnessing it? UC Browser helps you overcome your slow browser problems. You can watch the live cricket, follow live scores and latest cricket news here : UC Browser Cricket

How to find cricket?
Open UC Browser - HomeScreen - Find "UC Cricket" with blue icon

- Live Scores with auto update
- Fixture & Result
- Latest News
- Videos

It's so easy. Just download the browser and you're good to go! It is available for Windows, Android, iOs Phones, APad, Windows Phone and many more!

Check out this Video of Yuvraj Singh helping a victim of slow browser :#YuviSurfsUC

Most of us must be identifying to this problem of slow browsing. But not anymore. Earlier, I used to be at home and miss all social events and all only to watch the match because I love cricket like every Indian does. But now I can easily go to office and attend all family functions, meet my friends and go shopping while I am connected to the game - all thanks to UC browser. It helps me be social and enjoy the little and big things in life while I am connected to the game, because why miss out when you can enjoy both - Life and Cricket. Gone are the days of slow browsing. Welcome the UC browser in your world and experience the joy of surfing! :)

Thanks for reading.

Happy UC-browsing! :)

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