Tuesday, 21 July 2015

"Don't marry her", my uncle said.

So, this is what happened :

A BLOODY blood related uncle of mine, was asked by his brother-in-law about me. You know how arrange marriages are. They ask a hundred relatives before approaching the family, and that's fine. So on being asked 'How is the girl?', his response was 'Hey, do not make a mistake by getting your son married to her.' And then the Brother-in-law didn't contact us and I'm completely fine with it because it is human tendency to believe what is said in case of marriages. I don't even care that he said so. (Please note, I've never been rude to/dis-respected him nor has my family got any personal grudges with them.) So, he refused and that is fine.

But then he went on to narrate this incident proudly to many of our relatives. And it happened to reach our ears to.

But, Dear Uncle,

Who are you to talk about me to anyone with no fault of mine? I have never been involved in any wrong activities so why should I be targeted for no reason? Who gave you the right? Why do I get to hear all this in the first place? What are you so proud of this act? Remember, you have two grand daughters too who are to get married within few years. How would you feel if someone did the same to your loved ones? Please find something good to do in life rather than speaking rubbish about someone just because you have no life of your own. And you do that inspite of my dad helping you every now and then and me not being a spoilt brat.

But dear uncle, I'd still like to say 'Thank you' for the first part as I am not interested in getting married right now and want to make my career. So, you did a good job, even if, the bad way.

To all the uncles and aunties, remember, you will have children and grandchildren too. So, before you speak for others, that too without any reason, just think of your loved ones for once.

And yes, take it 'LIGHT', uncle, just like your name!

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