Tuesday, 21 July 2015

"Don't marry her", my uncle said.

So, this is what happened :

A BLOODY blood related uncle of mine, was asked by his brother-in-law about me. You know how arrange marriages are. They ask a hundred relatives before approaching the family, and that's fine. So on being asked 'How is the girl?', his response was 'Hey, do not make a mistake by getting your son married to her.' And then the Brother-in-law didn't contact us and I'm completely fine with it because it is human tendency to believe what is said in case of marriages. I don't even care that he said so. (Please note, I've never been rude to/dis-respected him nor has my family got any personal grudges with them.) So, he refused and that is fine.

But then he went on to narrate this incident proudly to many of our relatives. And it happened to reach our ears to.

But, Dear Uncle,

Who are you to talk about me to anyone with no fault of mine? I have never been involved in any wrong activities so why should I be targeted for no reason? Who gave you the right? Why do I get to hear all this in the first place? What are you so proud of this act? Remember, you have two grand daughters too who are to get married within few years. How would you feel if someone did the same to your loved ones? Please find something good to do in life rather than speaking rubbish about someone just because you have no life of your own. And you do that inspite of my dad helping you every now and then and me not being a spoilt brat.

But dear uncle, I'd still like to say 'Thank you' for the first part as I am not interested in getting married right now and want to make my career. So, you did a good job, even if, the bad way.

To all the uncles and aunties, remember, you will have children and grandchildren too. So, before you speak for others, that too without any reason, just think of your loved ones for once.

And yes, take it 'LIGHT', uncle, just like your name!

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Dabur Honey - #HoneyDietIsHere

Hey everyone!

We all need a balanced healthy diet. Specially now-a-days, in our fast life where we compromise so much on food, we need to know the benefits of a balanced diet. A balanced diet contains all the right nutrition and the right amount of calories. There are several benefits of a balanced diet :

  1.  Right nutrition for body : A balanced diet contains vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates in the right quantity. It helps in meeting the various needs of the body and helps preventing and fighting diseases.
  2.  Weight balancing : Since it contains the right amount and requires to eat different foods that provide the right nutrition, it helps in controlling your weight and makes you look good.
  3.  Provides energy : The balanced diet helps keep your body fueled with energy with the right amount of vitamins, minerals, etc.
  4.  Overall health : The right amount of nutrients help your body work efficiently. For eg. calcium-rich food helps strengthen your bones and teeth, low cholesterol diet is good for your heart and proper nutrition helps in better functioning of your brain by increasing the blood flow.
  5. Long, healthy life : Eating a balanced and healthy diet makes your body stronger and less prone to diseases. Unhealthy foods and inappropriate amounts of nutrients leads to a bad health. Remember, if you eat healthy, you will be healthy and happy, thereby leading a long life.

We all want to look in shape and follow a number of diet plans for the same! But we do not have a good knowledge about the nutrition and calories our body requires and the food that contains the right amount of nutrition and calories. But hey, Dabur introduces the Honey Diet.
 Here, you can check your body's ideal weight and the diet you should follow to achieve it.

Talking about the nutritional compromises of a crash diet, I will say it really harms your body. The various compromises you make when taking up a crash diet are :

 1. Depriving your body : A crash diet deprives your body of the essential nutrients and also leads to water loss from your body. It will harm your body and also make your skin look pale.

2. Compromises your health : It gives you a reduced weight at the cost of your health. And that is really not good for you.

3. One kind of food : Since in a crash diet, you depend on a similar kind of food with a single kind of nutrition, it deprives your body of all the essential nutrients which are required to keep your body fit and immune to diseases.

4. No exercise : Let's face it, we follow crash diets to avoid exercise without realizing that the only way to lose weight is having a proper diet and exercising.

5. Cutting dietary fat : While on a crash diet, people cut out fat in their diet completely. Unaware, that dietary fat is very important for the body.

Also, highlighting the benefits of honey, it is a must for your diet. As we all know, a spoon of honey with warm water in the morning helps losing weight. Honey is a substitute to sugar and as it has less calories, you lose weight. It is a good source of energy as it is easily digestible. Honey helps in relieving cough. Even my mom gives me honey along with ginger when I get cough. Apart from its various health benefits, it also helps your skin glow. Now, I bet you can't miss having honey in your diet.

Check out how to 'Stay Fit and Feel Young' with honey benefits, fitness tips, honey recipes and more : dabur honey

Get the goodness of Honey with a daily dose of Dabur honey; attune your mind, body, and soul to healthier lifestyle. :)

Stay fit and healthy with Dabur Honey! ;)
Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Kelloggs - Khul Jaaye Bachpan!


Gone are the days when parents were strict and used to scold their children. Now, it is more of a friendly relationship - called Buddy Parenting where the parent is more of a friend to their children rather than always correcting and scolding them. Parents also learn with children and grow with them as a parent. A child needs to be guided and helped in the younger days. Remember, love can do what commanding can't.

The relation between parents and children is very special. Childhood, now-a-days, is lost between technology, gadgets and studies. Parents are also busy with their job and for earning to provide their children with the best facilities which is why they are not able to spend a lot of time with children. Now-a-days parents need to teach their children with love and spend 'Khushi ke pal' together instead of being strict to them. 

A friend of mine is a parent to a 4 year old child and I love the relationship she shares with her child. They are more like friends rather than parents. She's not instructive to her child and also pays proper attention to what her child has to say. It is not a 'Do this, do that' relationship. It is about a 'Let's do this together' bond. This way she teaches her child about the new things with love and also learns about her child's world. She believes in making learning fun and create bonding moments with her child so that she doesn't compromise on the bond she shares with her child. Be it doing the homework together or learning an art, she is always very gentle and friendly with her child. And that is how every parent should be. She shares a beautiful bond. 

Instead of instructing your children and being strict, why not get them to do the same work with love and happiness. This way the child and parent relationship strengthens as well as the child is stress free, cheerful and loves to learn new things which help in building his health and brain. The child will love and respect their parents instead of fearing them.

Kellogg's  Chocos helps your child develop as it has a chocolaty taste which all children love and the proteins of roti which makes your child healthier. Now while your child enjoys the tasty Kellogg's chocos,  and develops his health spend some time with him teaching them good things and values and have a lot of 'Khushi ke pal' together.

Brand Chocos helps in creating ‘Khushi Ke Pal’ between parent and child. This philosophy is articulated as ‘Khuljaye Bachpan’. ‘Khuljyaye Bachpan’ is about being unfettered and fearless. ‘Khuljaye bachpan’ is about empowerment, not being authoritative and thus letting kids be kids. ‘Khuljaye bachpan’ is symbolic of ‘unlocking’ the way childhood should be. Helping your princess bake her first cake, while she teaches you to take your first selfie! Your son helping you make the grocery list; while you inculcate the values of sharing in him. These and many more ‘bonding moments’ make learning fun and create a happy and secure childhood.

Happy Buddy-Parenting with Kellogg's Chocos! :)
Thanks for reading.

#YuviSurfsUC - UC Broswer!

Hey all!

We all have a very fast life. Day changes to night and night to day within no time. But what happens when your browser is slow? When you can't browse at a good speed? When everyone is moving fast and you are stuck just because of a slow browser? I'm sure most of us have faced this problem. But, now we have a browser to the rescue - UC BROWSER.

Many a times you are out of your house and want to watch cricket on your phone over the internet and then you get stuck with it all because your browser is SLOW. Wasting time and missing the game specially in a cricket crazy nation like India - who likes that? No one. And why fall victim to slow browsing, when you have a high speed net connection? But a slow browser ruins your whole experience of browsing and makes you irritated. With UC browser, you can surf it all and surf it real fast. Earlier even I was a victim to slow browsing and hated to surf the internet because I knew my browser would take a lot of time. But,

Ever since I have installed the UC BROWSER,
I am a happy surfer! :)
It makes your experience of watching cricket and surfing a happy one. The transitions are seamless and the browser features a clean and complete User Interface and the homepage gives easy access to web services. Be it Facebook or cricket scores, it is just a touch away for me. It is really fast and it builds up your whole experience to surf the internet.

Remember the times, when we are in office or tuition and there's an important cricket match for us which we can't miss, we follow the scores on mobile but what if the browser keeps on loading and loading until your colleague/friend tells you we won or when every time you need to ask your colleague for the score? Why just hear of the victory rather than witnessing it? UC Browser helps you overcome your slow browser problems. You can watch the live cricket, follow live scores and latest cricket news here : UC Browser Cricket

How to find cricket?
Open UC Browser - HomeScreen - Find "UC Cricket" with blue icon

- Live Scores with auto update
- Fixture & Result
- Latest News
- Videos

It's so easy. Just download the browser and you're good to go! It is available for Windows, Android, iOs Phones, APad, Windows Phone and many more!

Check out this Video of Yuvraj Singh helping a victim of slow browser :#YuviSurfsUC

Most of us must be identifying to this problem of slow browsing. But not anymore. Earlier, I used to be at home and miss all social events and all only to watch the match because I love cricket like every Indian does. But now I can easily go to office and attend all family functions, meet my friends and go shopping while I am connected to the game - all thanks to UC browser. It helps me be social and enjoy the little and big things in life while I am connected to the game, because why miss out when you can enjoy both - Life and Cricket. Gone are the days of slow browsing. Welcome the UC browser in your world and experience the joy of surfing! :)

Thanks for reading.

Happy UC-browsing! :)

Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Indian Niagara Falls :)

I thought of writing about the desi Niagara falls!

A very famous tourist attraction is a town about 19 kms from my hometown Jabalpur, is Bhedaghat. It is situated by the side of river Narmada. The marble rocks and dhuandhar is very famous. The waterfall is known as Dhuandhar, which looks like smoke coming out of the river and therefore it got its name as "Dhuan(smoke)-dhar(flow of water).

Bhedaghat is surely a nice place to hang out at. You can easily spend a whole day here. While you stand and see the waterfall, the winds bring the showers to you too. The white water makes you feel so peaceful. Bhedaghat aslo has a rope way that takes you just above the river and you can see it clearly from the top. But you need to go there from the other side. Also, there are hundreds of stalls nearby which offer eatables, juices, carved marble paintings of gods and goddesses, marble turtles and many other things.You can also get your name carved on a piece of marble for about 50-1000 bucks only. Below is a piece I got for me and my sister.

These marble rocks is the reason why Jabalpur is also called 'Marble City'.

To view these rocks, you need to take a boat after you have traveled to the other side via the ropeway. The boatmen charge a very nominal amount and also act as guides to these mountains. The boatman we hired told us the tales of these mountains with a song and we totally loved it.

 Many local citizens visit bhedaghat at night as it looks even more beautiful. It is heavenly on a full moon night. The night view image source is Flickr.

It is surely worth one visit to say the least. :)

#Fact : The song "Raat Ka Nasha Abhi" from the Hindi film Asoka was shot in Bhedaghat among the marble rocks by the Narmada River. :)

While you visit bhedaghat, you can also visit Chausath Yogini temple which is closeby.

Do let me know your experience if you visit! :)

Happy travelling. :D