Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Doodle Diaries - True joy of writing!


I just spotted a lovely website and thought of sharing about it with a post.
We all love diaries, don't we? Lately, I have gone really crazy about collecting different types of diaries. I have a small but nice collection of diaries (I find it cool to have them). I was planning to add some more to it. Searching on the internet, stores and everywhere possible. Luckily, my thirst for some amazing diaries quenched at this amazing website : DOODLE!
And yes, they have stores too! :)

Firstly, the incentive to buy from them is nice : 100 Rs. off on your first purchase! Isn't that a good 'note' to start with? ;)

I got a diary from them (Image attached) for my dad! And yes, the diary is awesome because it says 'Don't forget to be awesome'. Every time I look at it, I smile simply because it reminds me I am awesome. ;)

From personal use to office use, their colourful, fun and fashion-forward, range of Doodle diaries and notebooks are made to inspire you to write. Travelers, writer, music aficionado or a fashionistas, they have the perfect diary that fits your persona. I am pretty sure you will love them all.

Now, reasons why you should go with them for a cool diary :
  1. Variety - Doodle Diaries are for everyone! They offer a large variety of diaries for all age groups - kids, teens or adults! Girly, Bollywood, sports, music, travel, occasion based, Kiddie collection, ethnic, planner  and a lot more - They have them all! From office to personal use, they meet everyone's needs and desires! :)
  2. Quality - I used the diary I have got and the paper quality is awesome. They live upto their logo - 'The Joy of Writing'. :)
  3.  Service - They deliver super fast and packing is very good so you need not worry about transit damage! :)
  4.  Personalization - Love your name everywhere? Great, get it printed on your favorite diary as well like the one in the picture. Order your diary and then mail them your name along with order number. :)
  5. Because you can't miss having one! I'm pretty sure once you visit their website/store, you can't let your hands stay away from the amazing creative diaries.
I've attached few pics for you to check out their collection :

The smiley diaries! YAY! :)

The Quotes diaries! :)

You can find many many more on their website.
Prefer offline shopping? Worry not, locate their store here : Store Locator !!

Thanks for reading. :D
Happy Doodling! :)