Thursday, 18 June 2015

Ambi Pur - #SmellyToSmiley


I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with Ambi Pur.

Bad odours can really change your mood from good to bad. The odours in your home can make you feel puke-ish, dizzy and even irritated. Be it the smelly socks, bathrooms, wet woods, fungus, non-veg cooking smell, smoke and what not. Sometimes, when these odors get unbearable, I just wish I had a choked nose. Lol. But what if you have guests coming over and that unpleasant odour just wont leave? It gets really embarrassing. Don't you wish these odours could just vanish forever? 

Now the point is, how do you get rid of such odours? I'll share with you some easy tip on how to get rid of these odours and save yourself the embarrassment.

The best way however, is'AMBI PUR'. It not just covers the odours but removes it completely! :) 

Here are some useful tips for you :

  1.  Firstly, if you have some smell coming in your house, try to identify the source and remove it completely, if possible.
  2. If your house is smelly, the secret key is  'Vodka'. Add 3 parts of water and one part of vodka and spray it in your house. It will take away the bad odour.
  3. To remove smoke smells, i use vinegar and it is very helpful. Take a cloth and put white vinegar  on it and then take it around your house while swinging the cloth in the air.
  4. Your pet's smell can be really annoying as it gets into the whole house. Activated charcoal is great for absorbing a range of odors, especially those caused by pets.
  5.  The bathroom of your house can have the most unpleasant smell. Use an odour remover  or baking soda. Keep a cup of baking soda in the bathroom and wait for sometime for the odour to vanish.
  6. Cooking non-veg or spicy food can also lead to a smelly kitchen. Boil a cup of vinegar on the stove. The vapors that release into the air will vanish the other smells.
  7. Your carpets can be smelly too at times. Use vinegar as it helps to kill the bacteria on the carpet that causes odour. Use 1 quarter of vinegar and 3 quarters of water and dip a cloth in it. Rub this cloth on the carpet to remove the odour.
  8. Garbage bin can also be a reason for the smell in your house. Drop pieces of lemon into the garbage bin. It can absorb most smells as it has citrus. If it still smells, use cold water with half cup of vinegar.
  9. Sweat smell can also put you in an embarrassing situation. Dirty clothes can stink While washing them add half a cup of washing soda. It will take out the smell.
  10. Keep cleaning your refrigerator every month and if it still smells, keep a container of baking soda that can absorb the bad odour and keep your food fresh and ordour-less.
  11. Also, don't forget to wipe the doors, windows, bulbs etc. on a regular basis as odours sometimes settle on them and then your house keeps smelling. 
 These are tips to prevent bad odour. For a pleasant smell in your house, use Ambi Pur room freshener. :)
Hope my tips will help your house go from #SmellyToSmiley :)

Thanks for reading.

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