Thursday, 23 April 2015

Another farmer commits suicide. Who cares?

As reported by a leading daily, another farmer commits suicide. And the media and everyone else was busy clicking pictures. He was alive for 20 minutes after climbing the tree. Could no one just climb up and save him? When is the government going to actually do something instead of just making promises? In a country like India where about 60% of the gross total income is from farming, these suicides become even more alarming. Sure, the government offers to waive off the loans in case of droughts. But what about the farmer's household? He has no crops so how will he earn and feed his family? Why can't the goverment take immediate action on it? Leave alone taking actions, few politicians even made this suicide a matter of politics, making fun, attacking the opposition. Is having power the mmost important thing? Where is humanity?
Isn't it heartbreaking? Why does their life depend on the weather?

I feel really bad. I feel guilty. The farmers who grow the crops have nothing to eat, and are committing suicide, whereas we are just not bothered because we get our grains. Have we become so selfish? I'm not saying we should stop eating, but can we, the educated people not comple the government to take IMMEDIATE actions to stop this? As per a leading daily, every 40 minutes a farmer is committing suicide. What is the future going to be with no farmers? Think over it.

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