Tuesday, 10 February 2015


So everyone's waiting for election results in Delhi. I'm not from Delhi but i still want Kejriwal to win the elections. Sure, he did a mistake by turning his back last time but then everyone deserves a second chance. And that is not big a crime compared to a few other politicians.

The reason I support Kejriwal is that he truly wants to remove corruption. We should stop making an issue if he travels in a business class or has a luxurious house and rather look into what he is willing to do for our country. I mean if he really wanted all these luxuries, he could have already got them with all the fat pay his previous job could potentially earn him. You call him a liar, a 'bhagoda' or anything but i still feel he deserves a second chance and he surely will do good to Delhi.

Remember how in his 49 days, he worked even when he was ill? How your electricity bills went down suddenly in his rule?

There was Gandhiji's who got us freedom with his stick and now there's Mufflerman to lead the path to a corruption-free country with his muffler. :)

These are my views and opinions. You are entitled to yours.

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